RELEASE V1: Remote control panel V1 for the Onefinity

Note: This is a personal project and not associated with the Onefinity company

After a lot of work I have finally finished the documentation and finished the first batch of 13 DIY units. Considering the enormous amount of response, these are probably gone fast. Don’t worry though, if the feedback of these units is positive, I will most likely create another (bigger) batch. But first I want to wait for the experiences of this one.

Because the Onefinity forum locks up this post after a couple of day’s (So can’t edit it anymore) I decided to build a complete website for the documentation and ordering. This way I can update the latest information.

This topic is for any questions or support regarding the remote panel V1. But before asking questions, please read the documentation. I tried to make it as complete as possible.

EDIT: Okay, the first batch is already fulfilled by a large margin. If you enquire now, you will be on the waiting list. There were so many requests, that a next batch is highly probable. But this will be after the feedback from the first users.


I watched the YT video but I could not determine if the joystick can move the spindle diagonally (X & Y). As you move the stick it appears that the spindle moves along X or Y, but not simultaneously.

I don’t know that it makes much difference just curious as to what moves the joystick can make.

It moves in any direction you point it at. If you move it to the top right, it moves diagonally to that direction (Just like the gamepad) But if you want to move only on X or Y, you can disable that axis.

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Looking good Satoer,

just filled in the form…can’t wait

Looks Great

Just sent in the form

This is very nice work indeed!

Looking forward to the next batch since I am still waiting on my full order from 1F.

That was the behavior I was expecting but I could not tell if it was operating that way watching the video. Thanks for clarifying this for me.

Same here. I guess I could order now and work on building it before the CNC Arrives but no way to test until it does so wouldn’t be able to provide much feedback until probably sometime in January at the earliest.

You can make the post into a “Wiki” and then you can edit it forever :slight_smile:

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Hey all,

I explained it here the other day. The level which is required to make one’s own posts a wiki is 3 by default, but it may be changed by the site admin.

But once a wiki post is created, anyone with level 1 or higher may edit the wiki post.

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