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Hardware Setup

I just received my Journeyman X-50 / Woodworker X-50 / X-50 Upgrade. But in X direction, the machine uses only two thirds of the width, and the circles that I mill are not cirles but ovals.

Your Journeyman X-50 or Woodworker X-50 has a 1616 ballscrew on X Axis, whilst the default setting in your Onefinity controller is for a 1610 ballscrew. On the Motors Tab, on Motor “0” (which should be set to “X” axis), you have to edit the travel-per-rev setting from “10” to “16”, as is explained here. The setting for the other motors must remain at default value.

…Next question…


How can I jump to a question in a Wiki Post?

The question has to be a heading, since only headings (HTML “H1” to “H6” Elements) receive an HTML Anchor Link Target to directly jump to. I jumped to #hardware-setup-2 because the question No. 1 itself had no anchor (the question was in a “LI” Element which receives no anchor in Forum Software). Try to jump to this question directly by clicking this link!
EDIT: This does not always seem to work. And first of all, the anchor’s names change if you add more of them. I got to dive into Forum Software more deeply.
Automatic Header Anchor Links

Wiki Creation and Administration

  1. Can I edit this wiki post?
    Yes! Everybody except Level 0 (=New).
  2. Can I create a Wiki or FAQ as a normal user (not being an Admin)?
    Yes! The default setting is that users with Trust Level 3 (=Regular) may turn their posts into a wiki post. But this setting (min trust to allow self wiki) may be lowered to 1 (=Basic) by the Site Admin so that “Basic” or higher users may be able to do this.
  3. And then others may edit my post?
    Yes! Everybody except Level 0 (=New).
  4. And the wiki post will be editable forever?
    Yes! But be aware that in 4 billion years the sun will turn into a red giant.

Anyway once a wiki post exists, it is editable by any user with at least Trust Level 1 or higher.

Wiki contribution

  1. :scream_cat: Help! Nobody edits this wiki! :wrench:
    Everybody: Could you please check if you can edit this?
    Type something in here: Looks to be working… Tom M
    Thanks Tom! Any user please wants to try? Feel free, you can do no harm, it’s just a test!
    Please type something in here: DavidL: Seems to be working for me too.
    Thanks DavidL! Now we know users with Trust Level “Basic” can edit a wiki post.
    Higher levels seem to work too -Nick
    I can edit (Andy) So how does this wiki get structured? What categories?

Further reading

Hey, I’m @Aiph5u,

the ability to edit wiki posts or to create a wiki are dependent on your Trust Level. The site’s Admin can change these:

Site setting min trust to allow self wiki = Who is allowed to make a wiki out of a post
Site setting min trust to edit wiki = Who is allowed to edit a wiki post

However, the defaults could be okay:

Trust Level 0 – New
Trust Level 1 – Basic:

  • Edit wiki posts

Trust Level 2 – Member
Trust Level 3 – Regular:

  • Make their own posts wiki (that is, editable by any TL1+ users)
  • Recategorize and rename topics

Trust Level 4 – Leader

…Test Question…

Test Answer

…Another question…

Another Answer

…and Another question

Maybe answer

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Hey all,

one question bothers me : What is if two users do edit the same posting at the same time? I know that mediawiki software is very, very smart with this. But unlike, it is only a software, not a hoster.

Hey Andy @AndyP,

Technically, you structure it using this heading syntax:

# Heading 1
## Heading 2
### Heading 3
#### Heading 4
##### Heading 5
###### Heading 6

This lets it look like this:

Heading 1


Heading 2


Heading 3


Heading 4


Heading 5


Heading 6

Under a heading, you could use list items or bullets

  1. Question
  2. Question
  3. (=List item)

or bullets:

  • Question
  • Question
  • (List item)

Sometimes a warning may be necessary:

:warning: (Some kind of warning)
:triangular_flag_on_post: (mark)
:wrench: (TODO: Make this better)
:building_construction: (under construction: someone is working at this topic)

Or sometimes some portion of code:

Source code {
    preformatted text

In question of contents, since you had the idea, I hoped you already had some thoughts on structure! I suggest that you please, create your own new Test wiki (using “+New Topic” on the Main Page, and then choose the Category you want), make it a wiki, and lead the discussion?

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…I also can imagine that the collection of frequently upcoming topics/questions should be splitted on multiple wiki posts instead of a huge one.

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I am in a similar situation where I am happy to support and contribute when time permits, but can’t take the lead on this project or its ongoing maintenance.
To help me understand it’s function, perhaps an example would help me.
I try to help new users solve problems, by doing a quick forum key-word search, then providing them a link to a thread, post, video link, etc.
One that comes up from time to time is the loose white plastic wiper.
So how do we make the solution easy to find using the new wiki format?

Trouble shooting
White plastic wiper
What do I do if my white plastic wiper is loose?
(… listing of links etc from 1F support or forum members that shared a solution…)

Will it searchable using the forum search function? Careful word choice of topics and headings may become an important step as well.
These are just a few thoughts that come to mind at this early hour

Hi @TMToronto. I did a quick search test. We can filter searches for “in wiki” to narrow them down to wiki entries. I had the same concern, and I think this addresses that concern. (See below search for “red giants”


Concerning administration: people rarely have time to admin a site (…and not be paid for it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:). The onefinity forum already has some great content in the posts that if turned into a wiki and tweaked from time to time as people get ideas for refinements/updates that be great and lowish maintenance.

You have, @cyberreefguru, @blaghislain, and many others have posted some great wiki-like content that be great to surface above the froth of daily forum post

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Hey Tom, hey @AndyP, hey all,

Yes, I think this is very, very important. If you Andy are capturing possible entries, what if you looked at every incoming post, or after an issue is solved, you just try to decide about the category and subcategory this post would belong to. I do not mean capturing all these, but just having a thought on where they would belong to, and then add a subcategory to a draft of categories with a tree structure. This way we could gain a hierarchy tree for the topics.

Yes, that’s what we always do, and the FAQ would try to do this automatically.

I find it is very important to achieve a high density of hyperinformation and of further reading inside every answer.

I would suggest a bunch of criteria that would ensure a high quality:

  1. General validity: An answer should contain information that is generally applicable.
  2. Density: An answer shouldn’t be longer than necessary and should contain dense information.
  3. Good readability: An answer should use simple language that is easy to follow.
  4. Neutrality: If there is any controversy on answers, it should be integrated.
  5. Every technical term should be a link to the explanation of what it is.
    E.g. Drag chain, End mill, VFD, Universal Motor, carbon-brush commutator, Asynchronous Motor, …
  6. Every acronym and every abbreviation should be a link to its explanation.
    E.g. SSR, RCD, …
  7. Every fact should contain a link to a reference, or to a further reading.
    E.g. If you don’t like touch screens, you can connect a mouse to your Onefinity Controller.
  8. Within the text of an answer, there should be links like “as is explained here
  9. Every answer could contain a list of links to topics where the issue has been discussed here very deeply or with much information.
    Spindle information
    Air cooled spindle?
    Router vs spindle
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