X-50 Upgrade - Machine Settings - Issue with X axis

Issue with the X axis after installing the X-50 rails.

I’ve just upgraded my Woodworker with the X-50 rails, machine homes correctly but when I run a gcode file (which ran correctly on before the upgrade) the X axis dimensions are not correct, code is supposed to engrave a circular logo but it is oval (almost 50% larger on X axis).

Are there machine settings that need to be modified when upgrading to the X-50 rails? I have not seen any instructions on the upgrade where you need to change the settings.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Ed B.

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Thanks, but my settings seem to be correct, I have the woodworking and I have always had it set to mm. my “travel-per-rev” is set to 10mm and soft limit is at 816 mm.

The machine was working great with the standard rails (x/ stiffy).

Any other setting that may cause this?

In the instructions it says to change the setting from 10mm to 16mm for the new X50 machine with 1616 ball screws.

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Hey Edward,

this is asked so frequently that we decided to make it the first entry of the User’s FAQ :slight_smile:

Thanks, I didn’t catch the change to 16mm from 10mm. I will try this. By the way, where are the instructions for this? I have not seen any instructions on the upgrade, I’ve looked but did not see any and did not receive anything with my X-50 rails.

See @Aiph5u’s link above referencing “User’s FAQ”

I just received and installed the X-50 upgrade (I know, I’m a year behind) and tried my first carve.

You know, one sheet of paper in the box showing these required changes would have saved me a $30 bit and a nice piece of walnut.

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