X not equal to Y (solved, adjust trav per rev with an x-50 x rail)

Hello, When I move X and Y manually from the command touchpad (example 5’’) The Y moves 5’’ but the X moves 8’’. How I can calibrate th

e 2 axes equal? Anyone knows? see my picture

Hey Yvan,

this may be a duplicate of X-axis positioning issues

5x1.6=8…you have a 1616 ballscrew in your X axis now yeah? Upgrade to X-50 Rail? You need to adjust your travel per rev in the motors tab

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You most likely have the updated X-50 x rail which requires adjusting the x settings for the ball screw:


Hello Aiph5u, thank you for your anwers. Finaly it is about the X-50 Rail that I have. I have to change the travel rev of the x motor from 10mm to 16mm. Everyting is fine now

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Hello Alldaysammyj, thank you for your help. Yes you are right about this. It is working now .Thanks

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Thank you very much for your help on this. Now it is working perfectly! Thanks

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