X-axis positioning issues

Hello All!

Forgive me if I’m just completely dumb here.

I received my 1F a few days ago and finally got it assembled. It is the Woodworker with the X-50 upgraded rail. I did a few practice cuts, nothing special and had no issues. But for the past two days all my projects have been cutting wider on the x-axis than the code is telling it to. Example: 16 in width project is cutting well into 20-22 inches. This took me a while to diagnose and I found that my 1F is reading 21 inches in the far right position (should be 32in or around there.) So it’s thinking it’s 65% across the cutting surface when it’s actually in the far right position.

I home the machine on startup every time, I have probed it multiple times.What simple step am I missing?

Did you change from Metric to Inches???

Yes I did change it to inches

I don’t know if you checked this already:

That did it! Thanks for the help! New it would be something simple like that.

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Just receive my X-50 today and I was having issues with X moving more then it said it was.
Thank you this helped setting the Travel-per-rev to 16.