Incorrect X axis readings

I am actually having 2 issues that with any luck, someone can tell me what I am doing wrong. The first issue is upon startup, sometimes it is displaying in inches and other times it displays in metric. The bigger issue I am having is incorrect readings. I am finally getting my Journeyman up and running after months of it sitting in the original boxes. When I move the X axis from the homed position (far left) to the far right using the controller, it reads 30" but has moved 48" or close to it. I feel confident it is something I am doing or have done but I have no clue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

See if this helps with the second issue…

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I really appreciate the quick response. I do not know what ballscrew I have, but I checked and confirmed it is set at 10mm travel per rev. I am assuming this is my issue. After homing the machine and then moving it to the far right, it reads 32.25 inches.

I believe for Journeyman it is set to 16mm not 10mm.

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Hey Pete,

which is Woodworker’s workarea width, not Journeyman’s. You got to set it according to the howto linked above.

That is correct and it resolved my issue. Thank you.

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