Proper Motor Settings for x-50 rails (Woodworker and Journeyman), with 1616 ball screw configuration

UPDATE: With the release of 1.0.9 firmware, these settings are now part of the default configuartion.
Ensure you are on 1.0.9 firmware ( or later and then reset the configuration, choosing your correct machine configuration: How To Reset The Configuration To Defaults

These settings only apply to X-50 Woodworker and Journeyman with the 1616 ballscrew configuration.
Please note: these settings are in MM.

To change the Travel Per Rev:

To Change the soft limits (distance the rail can move):

**The max soft limit for the woodworker is: 816mm or 32.126 inches **

**The max soft limit for the journeyman is: 1220mm or 48.0315 **

please note: machines with a 1610 ballscrew must set the travel-per-rev to 10mm.