Journeyman Motor 0 Max Soft Limit Discrepancy

I’m finishing up my Woodworker - Journeyman conversion, and all has gone pretty well, but there’s a discrepancy between the motor 0 max soft limit values. The motor setting card that came with my Journeyman rail says the max soft limit should be set to 1219mm, but this post says it should be set to 1220mm (48.0315 in). However, since the cutting width is supposed to be 48.125 in., shouldn’t the max soft limit setting be 1222mm?

I’ve set mine to 48.125 in. and it seems perfectly happy there and runs all the way to 48.125 in. without a hard stop.

What’s correct: 1219mm (setup info with machine), 1220mm (forum post), or 1222mm (48.125 in.)?

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1220 is the correct number

@OnefinityCNC - I have the same question and I’m not sure your answer addresses it. can you explain why the soft limit is less than the 48.125"? Is the soft limit different than the total travel distance of the machine on that axis?

I have mine set to 48.125" as well. The point of a soft limit is to prevent the machine from hitting the hard stop (limit). If it does hit the hard stop both the home position and the zero in that direction will be thrown off or the current draw will spike high enough to fault the controller.

if we’re splitting hairs, you could do 1222, but, due to tolerances, we suggest 1220.

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