Router vs Spindle

I am new to cnc routers, I was curious if anyone is planning to use a spindle over the makita router? Also is the life expectancy of a spindle better or worse then the router?

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Please yes, contribute to this thread. The Beta Testers appear to be using a water-cooled spindle. Is this quieter, or more powerful? My trim router is very noisy, but maybe the process is what it is and I need to consider an enclosure. Can someone comment on transit speeds of various spindles/routers, and perhaps the desirability of rotational speed control?


I believe Myers Woodshop did a video about installing a water cooled spindle on his Onefinity. The operating sound of the spindle vs. the router is extremely quiet. It is also able to be run at a lower RPM. HOWEVER, he did say it is a very complicated and expensive setup that 99% of us will not likely really need. The router should be able to handle everything we’re going to throw at it. I would assume that those looking into or actually needing a spindle would be using industrial machines.


I wonder if the spindle was the hard part or the drive. Hoping the drive is tge hard part, I have installed one or two of those. Time to dig through Myers woodshed aga6.

Interesting. I’ve always felt the router was the limiting factor for many operations on my X-Carve. But maybe it was just the belts not being able to push through the high engagement operations not the router’s ability to chew through it? Anyway, I would be very interested in some quantitative results since I can’t kick the tires until November :confused:

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The spindle I am going to use is a 65 mm 1.5 Kw water cooled. It will run about $400.00 with control box, tubing and pump.

For what I’ve seen/read so far, it does seem a worthy consideration. The DeWalt/Makita routers don’t seem to lack power per se for many, if not most hobby / start-up operations.

With longer and/or more frequent usage of the routers, some users appear to experience their router burning up within 150 hours. I wonder how often that happens. Depending on how often you use your CNC (and I hope to use it on a daily basis) that could mean a dead router within months. Buying two routers within a year versus going straight for a water cooled spindle: the latter seems a better investment.

Also, I find the difference in loudness already convincing enough to consider a water cooled spindle. Add the more refined speed control, and the option to pick a spindle with more power and higher RPM… It certainly does upgrade your Onefinity.

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The 65 mm 1.5 Kw water cooled spindle interests me.

  1. Why did you choose 1.5 kw? To keep the size within the 65 mm foot print of the mount?
  2. Also is the mass within range of the trim router’s? If not, are you concerned about the stepper motors being able to handle that much mass?

OneFinity is already being pretty cagey about the option to add a 3rd x-rail (a stiffy?? Maybe we should suggest they change that name. I’ve thought about asking under what conditions a ‘stiffy’ would be needed, but I’m not sure I want to read the answers! Sorry Moderator, please don’t block me!)


Do you have a link to the one you are going to use?

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I’m planning on using this one once its back in stock at Amazon. On my XCarve I used used the Dewalt but I plan on doing more Aluminum work on the OneFinity so I think a water cooled spindle is a better option. Plus having be able to be controlled by the controller vs. manually is a benefit to me as well.


New guy question, how do you plan to use an 80mm spindle?

They have a 65mm version the 800watt. To my knowledge there is no way at the moment to use anything other than a 65mm. I’m sure someone will build some new attachment arms at some point but as of now its 65mm or bust. :slight_smile:

There is also a kit with the 1.5kW spindle in a 65mm housing.
I have been considering ordering (particularly because I have a few Amazon gift cards).

Is that model good to go with the buildbotics controller?

Everything I’ve read about these Chinese spindles says the only one that is built with real German bearings is the HUANYANG brand, the others are not nearly as good. Totally up to you, just wanted to share what I’ve read.

Both are available on Amazon HUANYANG is just out of stock, since we wont have our machines for a few months I’m hoping that its back long before then. :slight_smile:

Mine probably won’t be until December. :sob:

Unless I am mistaken the 800W spindle kit has disappeared from Amazon (both the link I saved and Ben Myers blog link goes to a different model now). Maybe that will return. Does anyone know who made the spindle for that kit? Huanyang made the VFD but I never saw a manufacturer on the spindle.

The 1.5kW spindle kit I liked had a spindle made by Changsheng. Though with my trade experience with Chinese based companies, anyone’s name can be put on any product, and bearings can be from advertised as any origin they want to claim.

I am eyeing this one, but I know nothing about the sellers reputation, Moret Motors.

$260 for a watered cooled spindle with VFD seems almost too good to be true? If it’s a good unit, that’s way more economical than the Makita or Dewalt. I’d love to find someone with direct experience with the unit - curious about longevity and run out.

Having checked out the website more closely, they look pretty sketchy. You can’t even select the options and put the unit in your cart. Just something to consider.




The one that was on the page was also a HUANYANG Spindle. The link I have bookmarked has the 80mm but originally it had both the 80 and the 65mm shown both with the HUANYANG logo.