Air cooled spindle?

Has anyone here have experience with the air-cooled spindles as sold by What is the longevity under general usage? Do they stand up to long run times? How is low RPM torque?

Thanks, experienced responses preferred.

I think @EdwoodCrafting has one - maybe he can help?

John, I have a J-Penny 1.5KW air-cooled spindle. To answer your questions I find for most of my cuts I draw very low wattage so heat is not really a factor. The recommended low-speed RPM that will still provide sufficient cooling (air) is 7000 RPM. I have done a few 5-10 hours of carves and the spindle only gets slightly warm. I think you will find that below that the torque of a VFD spindle will drop off significantly. Certainly, a water-cooled spindle will allow running at lower RPM but it will be at diminishing returns as far as available torque. Metalworkers use very different spindle/controller setups for low RPM operations

A spindle with good bearings will run for many many hours trouble-free as long as you don’t let it overheat. In an induction motor only the bearings will wear. My spindle has 4 sets of ceramic bearings so I expect a long life from it.


Thanks for the reply, Edward. I’ve ordered the new OneFinity 80 mm mount and as soon as I hear a ship date I will order up a spindle. The present setup with the Makita router has a .006 inch run-out, so I’m looking forward to less noise and better finishes.

Do you have any recommendations for an air cooled 2.2 kw spindle for the 80 mm mount?
Thank you

Since I have had good luck with my J-penny you could look at this one

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Hi Edward,

I bought an air cooled G-Penny 1.5kw spindle in error intending for a water cooled version. Can you offer insight how it compares to the Makita router and or the water cooled version setup from a noise perspective?

The G-Penny air is significantly quieter than the Makita. Bearing noise is a major factor with the Makita noise and the G-Penny has much better bearings. A water-cooled spindle will be quieter at the higher RPMs because of the fan. I feel that is the main advantage of a water-cooled spindle if you need to cut at high RPMs. But even then the noise of my Air-cooled @ 20K is not bad and masked by the bit cutting noise. I don’t regret going with an air-cooled one bit.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback, I’ve placed an order for the 80 mm Z adaptor. When it arrives I’m gonna go with an air cooled spindle.

Hi Edward, great for that feedback. I feel so much better going down this route all be it by accident.

Ed - do you have the 120v version or 220? I’m bingo fuel on breakers so I can’t get 220 to my machine without relocating to the garage.


I have the 120v on a 20 amp circuit by its self

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Do you have a link to the one you bought? I’m looking to get an air cooled one that runs on 120V @EdwoodCrafting


Wow - that’s almost less than the Makita - seems like a great deal to me…

The price is good but the shipping is a killer

Yeah shipping for me for that one was ~$80

The order was placed over a week ago, and yesterday the new air cooled spindle arrived. I will post pictures and try to document the installation as it progresses.


Has anyone looked at utilizing one of the ATC attachments sold by CNC Cat in addition to their spindle with the Onefinity?

One owner - since sold his set-up - had used that Mechatron ATC adapter on his spindle, however he was using a different controller and had modified his 1F in other ways as well.