Recommendations for Spindle Upgrade

Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing well. I’ve been having some issues with my 800watt Huanyang water cooled spindle, and I’m looking to upgrade. I had decided to get a Mechatron HFSAC - 8022 -24, a 2.2kw air cooled spindle from Germany; however, they do not list prices for their VFDs or other electronics on their website, and require you to get a quote. I cannot get them to respond to my emails, and my calls will not go through. At this point I’m wondering if there are any other options for a high quality spindle besides Mechatron. I’ve had such a hard time researching this, every brand seems so opaque and hidden behind several layers on industry jargon. If anyone has any tips I’d be very grateful, I’m willing to spend up to $2000 all in. Thanks!

You could try this outfit, or at least read their website for advice. I eventually bought an air-cooled spindle/VFD from them. They challenged me on the robustness of the 1F to carry such a load, to which I responded after getting support from the forums. So far, no issues, but I have only this experience.

I bought a 2.2kw air-cooled spindle, optidrive3 VFD and 6m of shielded spindle cable.

I also then bought separately (1) an RS458 adapter (it is fiddly wiring your own ethernet plug), (2) an enclosure to house VFD (lots of high voltage exposed cables and dust protection), and 3d printed (3) a homemade cable strain relief (I think all should have one, especially if they use shielded spindle cable).

I’d wait for others experiences. Mr @Aiph5u has collated a fair amount of knowledge on this topic, especially about VFDs.

Good luck.

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Hey curtisreidart,

this is Mechatron’s own shop:

HFS-8022-24-ER20 | 2.2 kW | 24,000 rpm | water-cooled
Product No.: SP-202

This is their ebay Shop:

mechatron HF-Spindel Fräsmotor CNC Komplettset 2,2kW inkl. Frequenzumrichter, Kühlung etc. Anschlussfertig

This is another german webshop for CNC parts:

Komplettsystem HF-Motorspindel 8022 wassergekühlt 2,2 kW

The 2.2 kW Omron MX2 VFD Model No. 3G3MX2-AB022-E (Manual) (nearly identical to Hitachi VFD Model No. WJ200-022SF (Manual)) was available this year at shop here, it seems it is not available at the moment

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Hey curtisreidart,

This is at least not our experience. They always have been very responsive.

Note that there are holidays in different parts of Germany. Pfungstadt is in Hessen which has winter holidays until 08.01.2022.

You can also try to contact them at their


High Frequency Spindles in Europe

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Hey all, thank you for your help. Funny enough, Mechatron got back to me shortly after I posted this thread. I’m super excited about my new spindle. Happy new year, have a great day!