CNC Remote control panel V4 for the Buildbotics / Onefinity CNC controller

Hey everyone, over a year ago, I created a control panel for my Onefinity. This panel puts all the buttons and controls for the CNC in one convenient spot. I wasn’t a fan of the wireless game-pad controller because I always had to reconnect it when I wanted to use it. So, I made a panel with a 3 axis joystick that lets me control everything with just one hand. Later on, I added speed control buttons, an auto start/stop for the router and dust collector, extra USB ports, an emergency button, a safety switch, and a spot for the probe. You can see all the features in the video (The V3 has the same features as V4).

Received lots of excited responses from users who wanted a panel kit of their own, so I put together a DIY kit for them. In the beginning, it was a fully DIY main board, and you had to solder everything together. Now, it’s come a long way, and the mainboard is now fully soldered and tested. I just uploaded the info for the V4 version of the kit. It has a new mainboard design with screw terminals for the relays instead of the old connectors from the V3 board.

There are some other changes too, and you can find them in the “What’s New Compared with V3” part of the online guide.

Some folks already got the V4 version, but work got in the way of updating the info and making more kits. The good news is, I’ve just made 20 new kits available! If you’re interested, take a look.