Wireless joystick

do you need to keep the usb that came with joystick in the controller all the time to use it or just for setting it up

Hey Butch,

you always need it, it is the receiver.

that’s what i thought thanks

Due to my advanced years, with the related eye hand inaccuracies, I bought the 1F. Pending the arrival of a range extender, I surfaced the temp spoilboard yesterday using the joystick. Had trouble separating the X & Y axis control, trying to input Y movement I often got some X movement.
Is there any way to separate the X & Y so that either of them is on the left hand “stick” & moves one and one of the other triggers or buttons moves the other? It is a dexterity problem, hopefully the 1F will allow me to keep making nice things out of wood.
Thank you.

use the bumpers:

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Hey Tony,

If you find these gamepads rather flimsy, did you already have a look at this? Could be what you need.

Onefinity CNC Forum Threads:

Satoer Homepage:

Thank you AF, I want one, do you think she might go for it as a Valentine’s??
My supply of $100 bills is thin, but …
it looks about perfect you are most helpful, your help is most appreciated.