What joysticks are compatible?

Wondering what joysticks will be compatible with this machine. I already have a couple of USB controllers. Would those work? Looks like the would on the standard Buildbotics controller, but it sounds like there might be some differences with this version.

My understanding is most of the USB controllers will work with the Onefinity. If you have a few I would think you should be good to go.

It looked like @MyersWoodshop was using a bluetooth. I wonder if an old PS4 or Xbox would work as well?

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he is not. He’s using a WIRELESS one…you can use almost any joystick but it has to have a usb DONGLE plugged into the controller usb port. If you have a bluetooth joystick with no dongle, it will NOT work.


does the joystick that you sell have any extra capabilities over using a generic joystick/gamepad ?
TBH i bought the gamepad from onefinitycnc just on the reason you guys gave for free the files to 3d print the boom and instructions. (yes i own ps* and xbox controlers) but i figured you guys gave me that boom to 3d print im willing to spend a bit more so i bought the gamepad. would be cool to see a extra feature in the gamepad only to the cnc

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I’m disappointed the controller is just being resold with a markup.

You can use any USB gamepad you’d like. It does not have to be ours.

It does not (at this time)

What? I can’t believe it - screw that - I’m canceling my order! (<-- jk :rofl: :rofl:)


limitations of the controller :frowning:

If we buy your controller do we get any kind of support or warranty through you?

Will one of these type controllers work, or would it be missing functionality compared to a more traditional newer gamepad?


Not sure if it would work, but it doesn’t have the analog control that the other controllers have to allow you to move slower or faster within the set speed range.

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Good info, great point. Thanks for the input @Bikerdan.

It is also missing the 2nd joystick that controls the Z-Axis so I would not use it even if it did “technically” work Especially when you can get a cordless one that does work for $30 and works as intended.


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I picked up a USB controller on Amazon. I can control all aspects but the Z. Anyone have any tips. Is there a setting in the controller that I am not aware of?

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There is the thread, and the link that Ben shared. It also has the model number from OneFinity

I just bought a wireless controller on Amazon. Same problem X/Y ok no Z. Then I realized it was for Android not Xbox. Going to send it back but now I am not sure what to buy.

Some controllers have ‘modes’ (our official one does). Only some ‘modes’ seems to make the Y axis work. If you buy a controller that is not our official one, see if you can change the ‘modes’.


Tried a Sony Play Station 4 controller, plugged in via USB. The X and Y work. Z will move using the right trigger, but as soon as you let go of it it moves back up.

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