Joystick operability

I bought a joy stick that looks exactly like the one you sell. however after hooking up the usb and joystick i can’t get it to work. anyone have any ideas

We can only support the one we sell.

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Just make Sure your Joystick is in the correct mode

Push the top middle button with the lights (xbox button) to rotate through the different modes, you want the lights to be the top two lights if I remember correct.

I bought a A–038 model from Amazon that was suggested by another member…Well the X,Y only work with it…He has since taken down his post.

It was me. I bought a joystick from Amazon which was the same company as the onefinity one, however i could only get X and Y to move. i really was hoping i could figure it out but i couldn;t. so i bought one from onefinity and have had no problems.

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Yeah…I ordered a different one on Amazon that was also recommended by other users…for $31…It looks way better. the one i had previously was $18…I guess you get what you pay for…I was just annoyed because I asked for help from the guy that recommended it and ofcourse he was no help…Here is the best part…Ive had my machine almost 6 wks and have been using the little touch screen…it was like magic for the X,Y…I really dont know why they just dont include it in the package…Everyone would be way happier…thats almost my only complaint…