Joystick operability

I bought a joy stick that looks exactly like the one you sell. however after hooking up the usb and joystick i can’t get it to work. anyone have any ideas

We can only support the one we sell.

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Just make Sure your Joystick is in the correct mode

Push the top middle button with the lights (xbox button) to rotate through the different modes, you want the lights to be the top two lights if I remember correct.


I bought a A–038 model from Amazon that was suggested by another member…Well the X,Y only work with it…He has since taken down his post.

It was me. I bought a joystick from Amazon which was the same company as the onefinity one, however i could only get X and Y to move. i really was hoping i could figure it out but i couldn;t. so i bought one from onefinity and have had no problems.

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Yeah…I ordered a different one on Amazon that was also recommended by other users…for $31…It looks way better. the one i had previously was $18…I guess you get what you pay for…I was just annoyed because I asked for help from the guy that recommended it and ofcourse he was no help…Here is the best part…Ive had my machine almost 6 wks and have been using the little touch screen…it was like magic for the X,Y…I really dont know why they just dont include it in the package…Everyone would be way happier…thats almost my only complaint…

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I got it figured out…bought a new one is all…

Has anyone had any problems with their screen flashing on an off once they plug the usb for the joystick/game controller in, the 10 inch screen works perfectly without it, however after 5 minutes with it plugged in it starts to make the screen flash an operation of the joystick is very notchy?

Are you using an external power supply for the screen? If not… Add one…

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No it doesn’t mention using an external power supply in the cnc instructions with the machine, there are no instructions with the screen, it does have 2 micro usb ports an one has usb+ on it, however if i use that one with the hdmi cable the screen simply locks, so im using the normal one, everything works perfectly until around 10-15 minutes in when the screen an the led on the usb dongle for the game controller start flashing on an off, unplug the game controller dongle an the screen stops flashing, as you mentioned power i checked in the screens box an there is a second usb cable however its a 2 pin (not for the UK) so i cant use it, ill contact onefinity tech support an see if they have any instructions, ill let you know the outcome

The rpi doesn’t have enough power to power it over USB. There have been quite a few posts about it over the past year. Plug it in to an outlet and it should be better. It may still drop video signal under super heavy loads but I have not had that happen on 1.0.8 myself.

Have you watched this video about hooking up the 10 inch screen?

Hi & Almtchncn todd, update, you were both spot on, i watched the video (many thanks for taking the time to post it), i found a 3 pin UK USB adaptor an plugged it into to what i now know thanks to yourselves to be the power supply to the screen, what a difference, it is now full screen (it was around a inch smaller before and also needed the touch screen calibrating so i thought, its now full screen with perfect touch screen calibration, the game controller did still drop out after about 10 minutes however the screen stayed perfectly stable (you’ve made my day, i had a horrible feeling it was going to end up going back under warranty), i should have had more faith in the superb build quality of the onefinity, however i do feel they should either include suitable instructions with the screen or at least update the online machine screen instructions to include correct wiring of the 10 inch screen, not to mention supply a uk USB plug bearing in mind it will not work without it, again many thanks for your support, it is very much appreciated

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The game controller auto shuts off after 10 mins of nonuse to save the batterys.

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So glad to help. Enjoy your machine.

Onefinity, thankyou for the info ref the game controller shutting off, good to know, no mention of this in the controllers instructions, this site an its members have been a fantastic source of support an information, keep up the good work

I’m here trying to figure that out because I can’t control the Z axis from the joystick. I can move the Z from the touch screen and it moves when homing on startup but not from the joystick. I bought the joystick from Onefinity if that makes a difference.

I’ve tried pressing the xbox button but can’t get it to change modes. It always comes up with the bottom two lights lit. Pressing and releasing or pressing and holding does not work. I’ve tried in combination with other buttons but no luck. The manual says nothing about changing modes that I could find. the ‘manual’ is not much more than a couple pages outlining the names of the buttons.

Update: I found that pressing and holding for about 10 to 15 seconds the lights will change. I didn’t wait that long the first couple times I tried apparently.

So I can get it to change but sometimes when I come back after the joystick has timed out and shut off that the lights have reverted back to the bottom two and the Z axis control is lost again. The fix is to hold the button down again for the 10 to 15 seconds and toggle it twice to get to the top two lights then the Z axis control works again.

Is anyone else seeing this behavior?

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