Some Joystick functionality stopped working

Well, my new 1F machine is now set up and I’m having fun learning. I received a joystick as part of my order and one of the first things I did after assembly was to figure out how to use it. This is the ESM-9013 game controller sold on the 1F site. I couldn’t find any instructions (found the video from 1F later) so I just plugged the usb dongle into the back of the controller and started playing around. It didn’t take me long to figure out that pressing the home button paired the game controller and that the left joystick controlled X&Y movement, the right joystick controlled the Z movement and the colored buttons controlled speed of movement. Everything worked perfectly.

But here’s the weird thing. After working through all functions on the joystick I came back a little later and to give it another test. And this time the right joystick did not work. It had worked perfectly minutes before and now it was dead. I could no longer control Z axis movement.

I’ve never used a game controller before and this thing has a lot of buttons on it that I have no clue what they do. I might have experimented pushing some of these buttons and perhaps I put it into some mode that negated the function of the right joystick? Everything else works perfectly, so just this function is now disabled.

Anybody know how I might have disabled this functionality and how how to get it back? Or did my brand new joystick just go bad after first 10 minutes of use? TIA


Try hitting the mode button (center one that glows) and holding it for 10 seconds to cycle through all 3 modes. Try to move your OF after every mode change, I think your controller just got out of sync.



That worked! Thank you. This is why this forum is so great…


This is a thread that keeps giving. Solved my issue as well with my new machine. Thanks!

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… And giving, and giving. I was about to lose it when I found this. This saved me too. Thank you @MindOfMcClure!

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I lost z control on my game controller also but this option didn’t work. Any other options to try?