Machine stopped working

This morning i powered on my machine, performed the homing process. Once homed i began to change my bit and the machine just powered off instantly and will not turn back on. Please tell me that this machine did not just render itself useless for them money i paid for it.

Just contact support. They are very good.

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I sent an email but no response. i will attempt to call tomorrow. i imagine they are closed on Sunday. But, Thank you!

Just makes me VERY nervous.

i get it. I have had a couple different issues with mine that put me down for longer than I wanted, but things happen and the one thing I have never been able to fault them for was their support team. they have always been on top of it. and if you have read anything on these forums that has been true for most.
still… it hurts when it happens… that I very much get.

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This is my first time on this forum. I was actually checking out a bunch of threads. this seems like a very informative group. i can see myself on here more often.

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Here’s a couple of things you might check while you are waiting. If you’ve got the BB controller with the rocker power switch, there’s an issue with crud getting into the switch
It’s explained here:

There’s a fuse inside the controller that might have blown. See here:

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Thank you! i will look into this.

Thanks again for the tips. I pulled the switch apart and no dust in it at all. I checked the power trick with connecting the circuit and checking for the LEDs and no lights came on. Then i pulled the housing apart to look for the fuse. i dont see an inline fuse on mine at all. I do have the first model that they made so mine may not have had one.

I found a troubleshooting video that suggested by-passing the e-stop. i did that and still nothing.

Did you send your email to SUPPORT@onefinitycnc? That’s the tech support email.

Do not email INFO as that’s only for orders shipping general questions. The phone number goes to this crew and they will direct you to email SUPPORT.

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Sorry, i replied to an old email but i will send one to that address. Thank you!

Update: my machine saddly passed on to the otherside and i had to purchase a new controller. I was very annoyed at this but it is what it is. I thought that i was buying a new circuit board for $500 ($590 with shipping, taxes, and fees) however, to my surprise, they sent a whole new control box. The entire black box. So, i will say i appreciate that $590 wasnt just a circuit board. Thanks to the support personnel that helped me out.