Dead Controller

I can’t get my control box to power on. Tried different outlets no effect. Used it yesterday no problem but DOA right now. Any troubleshooting I’m Missing

It sounds like you tried the obvious by trying another outlet. Have you tried verifying that there is power at the cord end? Plug it into another device that accepts that type of power cord or test it with a multi meter.

There may be a fuse inside I am not 100% sure but I thought that I read somewhere that there was.


I found where I read about the fuse.


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I’m sure you’ve already checked it, but have you confirmed the emergency stop button hasn’t been pressed? Cycle the button a time or two if you haven’t already.

email to get the best answer.

I had the same thing. Onfinity asked the obvious. Press the override (which is actually pull it out). And thought they solved my power issue by saying to turn it on.

The controller just went out. They replaced it. That was my circumstance and it was working just fine until I shut it down with the interface and not my power strip.

Hey Steve,

Do you mean usually you did not shut down the system, but interrupted the power to the system?

Well I’m not an electrician but onefinity had me get out my multi-tester and after several emails it seems the power supply went out and a new one is being sent out. It looks like the box I had was an older one as I have had it since last December and no inline fuse was one this one.

Thanks to whoever at support worked with me. Thanks to Onefinity in general for service. Thanks to everyone who posted a suggestion also

As a side note I’ve ordered the Journeyman upgrade and the qcw. Looking forward to arrival.

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Good to hear. They seem pretty responsive and good to backup the product. I just wish they had tech support. Especially for the amount of money it costs.

We do have tech support. Email

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@SteveSapphire While it may seem like the slow boat to use email… They are generally very reaponsive… Like any support scenario there will always be tickets that lag or get lost but you will find most everyone is quite pleased with their level of care and responsiveness (even weekend and off hour)


Helping me rectified the bad controller. And then promptly sending me a replacement.

It’s just hard to express everything in type format without forgetting to say something that you would normally do when you’re on a phone support call.

But I’m so far very pleased at they’re involvement and how they stand behind the product.

I just wished one finity had an actual branded vfd that it supported and not third parties.

That’s where it gets a bit challenging since it might not be their issue or component.


We do not officially support anything vfd/spindle, only the makita router.