Onefinity Controller Stopping Mid-Program (solved: EMI / Static Build up)

Hey guys, anyone have experience with their controller stopping mid-program? This has happened to me now multiple times on my first programs (flattening my waste board).

It seemed to lose home/zero and when i ran the program again it buried the bit and ruined my waste board. Luckily it wasnt overtop screw and the bit is ok.

Is this something I am doing wrong? Or is this a controller issue?

Something sounds wrong - your machine should not do that! I’ve not had that happen to me in 9 months of ownership. Can’t say what exactly may be wrong - could be EMI, or a loose wire somewhere. I’d definitely call support.

Yeah. Support has been pretty responsive over the weekend via email and have been helpful. Sounds like it might be EMI. On their recommendation, going to try some ferrite core EMI suppressors to see if that fixes the issue.

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If you suspect EMI, pull all of your cables apart so they are away from each other - it will at least prove/disprove the theory. Ferrite cores won’t hurt anything, but waiting could delay other troubleshooting if that’s not the problem.

Good luck!

So I actually just got the ferrite cores and threw them on there. While running, the onefinity blanks not only during a program running, but when the router is actually CUTTING. (This has always been the case, no change since the ferrite cores BTW.)

At one point I thought … “maybe the dust hose is causing issues” and lifted it off the steel front rail.

So this is a pic of my table. It is all steel construction with vibration isolation feet. And those feet are rubber. (This is important)

While monitoring the cut I randomly touched the front rail… and I got a little shock. :thinking:
I did it again immediately and nothing. But I did it again about 30 seconds later… and I got another shock. :bulb:

So get this, I think my table is building electrical charge and is discharging and interrupting the signal to the controller because it can’t discharge the electrical charge it is building!

So to verify I ran the rest of the program with the table grounded [read: I kept my hand on the front rail] and ZERO blinking out! :exploding_head:

I think I need to ground my table!


Yup. Table is grounded.
Router and dust collector are on a different circuit now too (that caused some issues too).

Everything doing what it should now!