Error messages while cutting

I am a newbie for sure. I have successfully cut a few small projects trying to learn machine and software. Tonight, while running a clear out toolpath after about 6 or 7 minutes into it I got an error message about low voltage and possible damaging electrical condition. (see pic) I am running in a very hot garage NO AIR could this affect the machine. The toolpath began to step down on it’s one after each trip around the oval. I Shut it down and went to try it again did not get the error message but the bit began to step down after each trip around the oval. Now I am worried that I have damaged my machine, I appreciate any advice given Thanks Daryl D

I would suggest you open a case with support by emailing them at as they read the forums but official support is via email.

A few things you can check - as we’re in the summer months and electric demand is high, brown outs are a thing… if you have a volt meter I’d verify your actual voltage from the wall 110-120v being typical (assuming you’re in North America). After that I’d validate all of the stepper motor wiring connectors are fully seated.

The step down you describe is typical for when you’re cutting through the stock using multiple depths of cut, it is not an error. Heat is the enemy of electronic devices, making sure you have adequate airflow through the controller is key, make sure you don’t have anything including dust that could be restricting the airflow. If you need to clean out dust use dry compressed air rather than a vacuum to avoid ESD that can build up on the hose.

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Hey Daryl,

regarding the machine errors, heat generally can be a problem.

Regarding motor errors, in the past, there were issues like the one described here and also here (pinched wires make a short inside rail). One way to check this with a multimeter is described here. See also point 3 of this FAQ document (loose wires on the Molex contacts can make a short).

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