Constantly reading under on toolpath X and Y

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I am really enjoying this amazing machine when the X and Y statues read ok but I am constantly fighting to get a green ok I am getting toolpath status UNDER a lot. can I get some help with this and understand how to fix this if I am thinking about this correctly the only thing I can come up with is my file is wrong somewhere in Aspire but i do not know or I do not understand because i set up the two other toolpath the same way the only difference was bit size and those cut just fine this one is 1/8 so please HELP!!!.

In your material settings make sure your XY datum matches where you are probing for X+Y. Normally I use front left corner. Also check that “use offset” is unchecked.

It’s sometimes easier to design with XY datum centered on the design then switch it to front left corner before generating toolpath. If we forget this step and we probe from the corner when gcode thinks 0,0 is at the center of the piece then the controller is going to squawk about it because the toolpath is going to try and go outside the cutting area.

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thank you o1F team but i already watch those videos and thaey have nothing to do with the problem i am having

ShamRocker thank you i will try that and see if it helps

Sometimes if you push your bit in too far in the collet and the bit is too short to reach the bottom of the workpiece cut, you will get this error. On the Amana bits there is actually a line on the bit that shows where it should be in the collet and it is usually not all the way pushed in.

I do not have that problem with Z I only have the problem with X and Y but JDog I will keep that in mind thank you