Cutting issues.. please help

I have had my machine for a couple weeks now… has been working perfectly!! Have been trying to cut a monogram all morning. Wasting a lot of material… everything runs fine for the first several seconds but at the first sharp curve the machine jerks around a bit for a second or two and as it continues cutting, it’s now about 1/16” off… everything seems right and adjusted correctly. Have done several projects with 0 issues… now this… what should I be looking for?

Fixed the problem…

I am interested as to what it was and how you fixed it.

Yep, me too, willing to pick up tips from all sources as I am sure as a beginner I will come across a lot. And probably will be a lot down to my own human error :sweat_smile:

I thought I was having issues with the machine… very new to cnc and my brain just defaulted to the worst case scenario. Haha… I ended up going back to square one and started looking over my design and toolpaths. A very large part of my design was packed with thousands of unnecessary nodes causing the machine to vibrate and and work its way out of line trying to manage all the extra points… selected the vector and used the “fit curves to selected vectors” option… took the design to a fraction of the nodes I started with!! Recalculated the tool path and loaded it up… Cut through the entire project without one single issue!! This learning curve is real… but so incredibly satisfying… and addictive!!!


Thanks, a great heads up for me and sure I will have many a moment such as yours. Inhave the design software and cnc to learn and will be surento be sat thwre wandering if me or machine, but as you quite rightly say, Inwill have to enjoy the learning curve and get the satisfaction from the wins :rofl:

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