Y motor coupling not tight on arrival

I just wanted to make those aware that one of the Y axis motor couplings was not tight on my machine and was the reason for some of the issues I was having. Just figured this out the other day and it’s like having a new machine! I thought I lost a motor at first, but 1F email support on Saturday got me where I needed to be with a video. Lost a thumb nail in the process. I’m not sure why this happened but it seems to me that it wasn’t tight at the factory. The screw wasn’t easy to loosen or tighten but when tightened it works as it should. Just something to keep an eye out for.

Thank you for sharing that. Would you mind briefly describing the issues/consequences caused by the coupler being loose. My apologies if you had already posted this elsewhere in the forum.

Not at all. Sorry, should’ve specified that in my original post.

  1. I had to reduce speed due to motor binding all the way down to 8 on Y axis to get keep the machine from binding during cutting. Lost several good pieces before got it tuned right.

  2. It seemed that all looked ok cutting lettering (VCarve or just engraving) and even cutting out pieces, but circles were football shaped or had flat spots. I thought it was just a tuning issue and wasn’t horrible till the last one I did and ruined a gorgeous piece of maple.

1F had me take X axis off and run the Y axis. I noticed my right side wasn’t moving but would with a little help from me. They then suggested checking the coupling which meant taking the rail off the table (not a portable/movable table) and after they sent me a video, I disassembled the motor and other parts to take the screw put enough to check the coupling. The motor came off without any force. I tested the motor to see if it would run out of the rail and it did. I pulled the ball screw out righted the coupling on the motor and fixed. To clarify, I adjusted my Y axis speed back up to 12.5 and it has no issues with binding.

Hope this helps.

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Matt - Do you have the link for the video - It appears that I have the same thing. Thanks, Charlie

I also had this. When first checking out the machine I had the three axis laid out on the table NOT bolted together. It was very obvious that one wasn’t moving. I swapped wires (Axis 2 to Axis 1) and it followed the motor. Wiring at the motor checked out and I could tell the motor was powered but the carriage was not moving. When I pulled the motor off, it was clear that the coupling was loose. A quick tightening, making sure I got the coupling in the right position on the shaft, and I was back in business. I may go through, check all the couplings, and apply loctite but I don’t know if I want to do that preemptively or just wait until I see any other issues.

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My plan is to go through the whole machine and blue loctite all the fasteners when it arrives. I know the percentage of people having issues is very low, but I enjoy the mechanical side of things and it will make me feel better :joy:

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I took the Y1 rail out and took it apart hoping to find a loose coupling. Everything was tight as it should be. The left side is definitely tighter than the right though - maybe twice the power is needed. I have a short video herel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGHNiWsaQ3g

Just watched the video. That almost sounds like an issue with the ball nut (or potentially wiper) causing some drag for some reason.

Hi Nick - Well, Im gonna put this back together and go from there. If the problem continues what are the options?

make sure the tension nut for the ball screw is JUST loose enough to let the washer move freely. Too tight and it won’t rotate.

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You’re talking about the 17mm nut on the end of the ball screw?


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