Y motors out of sync

Hi all. I have an issue with my machine. I bought the machine from someone and had to reassemble it after i moved it. It was a total enclosure and i just reassembled it like it was before disassembly. For the most part it responds to the the controller at all speeds but when i am homing it appears the left Y motor starts a fraction of a second after the right Y motor and causes it to catch and reset the home to wherever the catch happens. Has this happened to anyone else?

Take the x axis off and run the y back and forth slowly and quickly. Chances are there is a lose wire or coupling and you will see that one side is not moving on its own but rather that the dominant side is pull it along when the x axis is on.

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Agreed, my Y-axis motor coupling had completely loosened off. I was having similiar issues and after removing the x-axis it was apparent which side was causing the problem. It was an easy fix.

Well that’s all. One of the Y motors was unplugged and well you were exactly right. Thanks for the help.


Glad to hear you got it resolved