Machine Fails to reach home on left Y rail

Yesterday everything worked as normal. Today the machine fails to reach home on the left Y axis ( see picture and video). Things I have attempted to resolve the issue.

  1. Wiped down blew off everything with air, and applied lube. ( I also did this regularly prior).
  2. Checked all connections on the machine and brain box.
  3. Checked all mounting hardware for rails and motors. Found one loose on the y-axis so I loosened all like the initial installation pushed the rail back and tightened everything down.
    Not sure what else to do at this point, moves clean the majority of the y-rails until it gets about a foot away from home.

What does the other y look like?
I’m thinking that the x is not in the same position on both y axis

The other y rail makes goes to the home position

Almost always a cable problem. Try switching cables and see if the problem follows the cable. Inspect the cables for pins that may have been pushed out of position.

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Bring the side not reaching the front with brute strength. Shouldn’t take much. Obviously you want it to already be as far forward. At some point they came off perpendicular. The y2 is saying I’m there, the y1 is saying I’m not, and them not being perpendicular is at least one cause as to why it’s skipping… another cause might be that y1 motor isn’t powered.

If you want to can disconnect the motors, but your only moving it a quarter of an inch… should probably have it off though so the motors don’t spring back

Is the alarm on that servo motor? I’m having simila issues. I think it’s the resistor on the servo as the issue moves with the resistor.

Ok so after working with customer service (best custom service I have dealt with). I have a new motor for the left y rail on the way. Worked through a bunch of trouble shooting and added the resistors since my machine didn’t have them. After that the problem still existed so swapped the y rail motors with the x off the machine and the issue swapped to the right rail. Will no for sure have n a couple days but don’t see this not being the fix.