Y axis homing frustration

I’m having issues with a brand new machine. Z homes, X homes, Y does not home. I’ve gone thru the FAQ section and took apart the rail that’s giving me issues and still not working homing.

I’ve been in contact with support but it’s not much help so I’m posting here. Has anyone had this issue that could help me out.

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You may have to adjust the stall homing. See the video for this on their youtube channel. When homing y the machine is sensing the motor has too much resistance and assumes its at the end of the rail. If the voltage or current setting changes don’t work per the tutorial then the y rail resistance could be due to binding caused by imperfect squareness between the x and y rails which can be adjusted.

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This happens even when the X rail is off the machine.

Can you move the Y axis with the Controller?

check your wiring continuity going to all the stepper motors, make sure all molex connectors are in good and proper condition and pins are touching each other (sometimes the pins get loose)

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Yes I can move the Y axis with the controller, however the right rail sometimes moves slower than the left and grinds.

All working is good and I’ve gone thru the FAQ with the same results as when I first turned on the machine.

A bit frustrating, but I’m gonna break it down one more time. Maybe I’m missing something or maybe the machine needs more personal touch.

Not sure :thinking:

A couple of things - have you oiled the right rail? Is it clean? I’m assuming that if it’s new and you’ve been having these issues that it’s not been used to cut things yet.

Does the problem switch to the left rail if you swap the Y motor wires?

Is the frame square & coplanar?

The issues above are in order of ease of correcting but on a brand new machine I’d guess that it’s the last one - it’s slightly out of square.

Grinding sound is characteristic of missing steps. Could be the right-side motor can’t overcome the resistance when turning the ball screw. Could be bad ball nut or ball nut to ball screw installation is skewed. Contact tech support for assistance. They’ll help you isolate and get new parts if required.

SkyKam, you may want to check out Doug’s explanation on the BuildBotics forum. I have mine working 60% of the time. The Y axis with tandem motors is tricky. Another source of binding for me was the table had a slight hump the the bearing block drug against adding friction. You should also be able to swap cables on the Y axis at the back of controller and see if problem moves to the left.


when you use the joystick controller, does the stepper follow your direction or sometimes it goes the reverse direction? also try to bring the all axis to its end and see if it reverses direction after reaching the end. if all above is whats happening, you have broken stepper motor connection somewhere and the cnc will not be able to go to homing sequence unless you find the broken connection and fix it

I finally got it working properly (I hope) after rebuilding the right side rail a second time.

Thanks for all the suggestions. Great community.