Y rail and homing problems

Hi. I’ve got a Journeyman x50 that I have been using for less than a year. I’m have so many issues, mostly with the y rails going out of sync while in the middle of a carve. Last summer i ended up replacing the y1 rail completely before the problem went away. Started having issues again last week. The rail went out of alignment by about an inch, 3/4 of the way through the carve. Set up another pc of wood and split the toolpath into 4 seperate toolpaths so I could machine in smaller chunks so I didn’t ruin another pc of wood. Managed to get that carve done. Thought I’d try a smaller cave today. This time the y rails went out of alignment by about 4 inches. Another issue is during homing. Maybe it’s related. Machine doesn’t home to the same place ever. Sometimes all the way to the front, sometimes 4" back, sometimes 8" back. If I manually pull the gantry all the way to the front to start, the position on the y rails soon goes out of alignment. Has anyone had similar issues.

Lot’s of people, and why this FAQ exists. It solves 99.99% of rail issues, like what you are having.

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Hi. I feel stupid asking but how do I access post #2 to see the solution to my problem.

that was on us, we forgot the link, it’s on there now:

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Good morning. I’m still trying to diagnose my issue. I’m sending a short video. As you will see when I move the Y2 rail at a slow speed everything works ok. When I increase the speed it jambs up. I hope you can tell me what is wrong. Thanks
The video I’m trying to send exceeds my email limit. How can I send it to you.

Go though the faq. There’s nine steps. Follow all nine before emailing us.

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Hey Terry,

this is a frequently asked question. We have a search function here.

Have you ensured that your machine is accurately rectangular (“squared”) and coplanar (“not twisted”)?

Also Onefinity provides a help file which deals with many kinds of blocking of an axis:

I would check all points one by one to see why your carriage does not move anymore in the middle of the axis.

There are three causes that are not mentioned in the document above:

  1. Should your machine not be properly rectangular (“squared”), the Y movement can block.

  2. And the second possible cause not mentioned in the document above is: This mysterious issue some time ago.

  3. Electromagnetic interference (EMI), as e.g. mentioned here.