Y Rail Grinding / Not Aligned?


I just set my Journeyman up for the first time yesterday and followed the guide for aligning the rails and securing them. When homing, the Y will not come forward, but when I jog the Y with the joystick, it hits the gantry block and grinds. I messed around with the soft limits because I added thin wipers, but then I noticed the Y rails appear to be in different positions when homed.

Here is the left Y rail where you can see a noticeable gap between the linear rail and the block:

Here is the right Y rail where the grinding occurs and the rail is sitting up against the block:

Shouldn’t both Y rails be sitting identically in this position?

Thanks for your help,

Alex Capetola

Alex - they should be at the same location. Try pulling the left side forward when the right side is all the way forward. If that doesn’t work, I think you can remove the ball screw to get things aligned. The @OnefinityCNC guys might have a better suggestion.


Appreciate the reply Tom thanks

With the machine turned off you can rotate the ball screw by hand, when it’s on the power applied to the stepper motors will make it very difficult to turn and should be avoided.

I saw something very similar when setting up a friend’s journeyman. Each time it had to do with the cables.

First time a Y cable was not plugged in at all. Second time a Y cable was plugged into the wrong port.

Sounds silly but it’s easy to do if you’re not used to working on this type of machine.

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Ask Onefinity Support. I cant find the post but i think the solution was releasing the bolts on one of the y axis mounts, run the xaxis to the end of the yaxis then reapply the bolts/screws.

@OnefinityCNC , is this the solution?

Try this…Y2 Rail stuck/hung (solved) - #6 by onefinitycnc.

Thanks for the reply. I followed OF support instructions and took the X off and jogged the Ys to the front until they were flush. I then re-mounted the X and was able to do my first cut. Only problem is I didn’t clamp my piece down enough so my first cut was ruined! Lesson learned though

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