Lost alignment Y-axis!

I’ve had my woodworker for about 4 weeks and have cut many items on it with no issues. Tonight, I added some 3-1 oil to directly to the shafts and ball screws. Almost immediately, while jogging the machine in rapid I noticed it sounded different. I see now, that the owners manual says to add it to the ports. Is too much oil a problem?!

I thought maybe I put too much oil on so I wiped as much of as I could with absorbent towels. I then brought the Y-axis all the way forward to the home position and noticed that it was no longer square.

This was evident by seeing a gap on the left side versus the right side, flush, where the frame meets the bars and ball screw.

What did I do wrong? How should I go about correcting this?

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Thank you for such a quick response!

It’s true, you guys are amazing at super fast support response. Wow!

Loosened, rebooted, jogged, tightened, rebooted and bam! Fixed!

Still wonder why the oil made is skip alignment, but I’ll be applying way less oil next time!

Thanks again!