Y axis getting stuck

Has anyone had a problem like this? I contacted 1F but haven’t gotten a reply yet.

My left Y axis is locking up while moving. Started doing it at high speeds and now does it all the time. I can’t use the machine because of this.

If I power it down I cannot pull the Y axis forward. I don’t think it’s a wiring issue because of this. I had a wiring issue before and could move it by hand.

I cleaned everything and oiled the lead screws.

It homes X and Z fine.

It is oriented with the Y axis wires in the front and the motors in the rear.

It will move very little but binds while doing so, even at 0.1 mm.

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Is there any chance you have dirt or debris under the Y axis gantry block and the table surface? My table was not flat enough and mine was hitting when I first set it up so I put spacers under the corner mounts.

I have the same problem when I turn on the machine and try to home it. Usually works on the second or third attempt. It looks like the left ballscrew has a wobble to it. I have not ran into a problem while cutting yet.

Oh, and to mention I have only had my machine for a couple weeks.

I thought that might be it but everything is clean and clear.

Try removing the ball nuts from the rails. There are just two screws on each rail near the oil plug. That way you can separate the ball screw action from the rails and figure out where the binding is happening. You should be able to turn the screws by hand, and roll the nut along the screw. I just had mine apart to do some cleaning.


You are correct! Thank you sir!

I blew it out with air but that wasn’t enough. Back up and running well.

Thank you everyone for the suggestions!

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Glad that got you going again!

I think I might install a wiper on the front side of the ball nut hole to keep chips out of this area. The wood chips get in there and suck all the oil out of the nut.

Could you define ‘wiper’ a little more? I don’t understand what it is or how to do it. Also, do you recommend the ‘stop bushings’ rather than having the bearings hit the frame?
The non Z home is the most frustrating thing about this machine.

A wiper is just a piece that rides on the screw in front of the bearing and keeps chips from contacting the bearing itself.

Often they are rubber, or brushes.

It’s easy enough to make your own and not break the bank at McMaster but I think they are a good idea on the front side of the Gantry where there’s a clearance hole for the ball screw. Wood chip buildup in that hole seem to pull the oil out of the bearing. I haven’t added one to mine yet, but it’s on the list.

Unfortunately I can’t comment on the homing issue. So far mine has not had an issue with that yet.