Y Locking up after a few successful cuts

The y axis keeps locking up. I can push pull it and use the motors to make it move but unless I’m pushing or pulling it is locked up. I can hear each motor trying to spin.

Sounds like your y-drive motor couplings are slipping. It’s an easy diagnosis & fix…remove your x-axis and drive your y-drive back and forth. Both sides should move together and freely, if one side is not (could be both) your coupling is slipping if you can hear the motor driving. There is a YouTube video on replacing the ball screw which shows you how to dismantle the Y-drives motors…it’s a fairly simple process.

Also recheck your setup to ensure your y axis rails are parallel to one another.

One if my couplings was loose and the machine would stall out if I tried moving rapidly with the joystick. I was also losing steps in the y axis during my cuts.

Also check to ensure your y axis rails are parallel to one another.

Perfect thanks, any link to the video. I was searching for it for a while, assuming that there must be some sort of cupling, but wasn’t sure what to call it.

When reassembling from OneFinity “make sure the tension nut for the ball screw is JUST loose enough to let the washer move freely. Too tight and it won’t rotate”

We’ve since made a video specific to the grub screw on the ball nut: https://youtu.be/N2umWxvSqB0

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