Slave motor for Y not matching speed

It has been awhile sense I’ve posted and I’ve been noticing the Y slave motor is not keeping up with main and is causing off cuts which is noticeable how can you speed up slave Y motor to match it seems to just lag like it not even on

It may not be on, or on intermittently. This has come up before and is usually the result of a wiring issue - disconnected, etc. it could also be a loose shaft coupler. Advice often given is to temporarily remove the x axis assembly then jog the Y axis - you will know if one side is not moving as it should - then check cable and coupler on that side. If you do not want to take the x axis off you could unplug the Y axis steppers one at a time and see if a small Y jog command (very small increment) causes any movement.

thank you I’ve tried un plugin all and seems it has power but no power

Can you explain what you mean when you say “has power but no power”.
Also, lately people on the forum have also been sharing that their ball screws are clogging with debris - perhaps that may be what you are experiencing.

Slave Y motor 2 is in free spin zero tension. Motor 1 has tension and drives but motor 2 just glides along and you can freely spin screw drive when motor 1 is in motion

And motor will turn minimally and not move axis

That sounds like a poor wire connection, which appears to be fairly common. Some people have found the loose wire to be in the connectors that are on the ends and easily accessible - I would check those first. Others have had to take the wire out of the inside of the Y axis tube, and check the wiring of the connectors which are found inside.

Have you read this yet?

It’s fixed thank you I did a complete break down and thorough cleaning and and reset all connections and it is now running just fine thanks again