Y axis not synchronised

I am having trouble with the y axis left and right not in sync.

I have cleaned the ball screws and oiled. Checked the wiring by removing and reinserting each cable to mother board and the motors. It seems to work fine but then has issues of alignment I have attached video of the machine. Using the touch screen to move the y axis by 100??

Please advise
CJ Laurent

Hey CJ,

I would check the points in

one by one.

But if I see it right, the Y carriages try to move into different directions. In this case:

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Thank for the response…I powered down and removed checked and re0inserted all the plugs. restarted and the machine worked fine for one carve, but once started to change bit and probe z, started having the same problem. I have noticed that in the y movement y2 motor loses power. I will now need to remove the entire controller and check the plugs on the board, which I am reticent to do!
I have never updated the software and still on version 1.08 - should I update to the latest version??

Hey CJ,

it is unlikely that the software upgrade has an effect on this, however 1.0.9 is stable, I use it too.

Did you check all contacts of the connectors? Sometimes their strands went out of the crimp as shown here. Sometimes they have simply a bad connection due to wear or corrosion of the tin plating. In this case, a little amount of KONTAKT 60 and then KONTAKT 61 can help.

What I would do is to disconnect the motor cable of the corresponding axis, and with a multimeter set to resistance (ohms), measure for conductivity from end-to-end, on all four wires of the cable. I would do this with both portions of the cable, first measure the cable you can detach easily, the one from controller to axis, and then the one from axis plastic end cap to stepper. This however is not easy as on Y motors, there is no connector at the stepper end. There is one inside the chrome-plated tube though. But before disassembling it like described here: How to access the inner tube motor wire, you could measure the coils of the stepper from the outside (lowest ohm setting on multimeter), by looking at the Onefinity Wiring Diagram. There are four cables that go to two coils, so two cables per coil (see also How are bipolar steppers wired?). Note the cable cross on the second portion of cable.

Then I would attach the external cable to the axis again and repeat measuring the coils at the end of the cable (the end that would go into controller).

There is a thread somewhere in this forum where someone posted how much ohms a coil has, it is in any case a very low value (<100 Ohms).

However if you are already sure that the Y2 motor looses power, and you are sure the contacts of the connector are okay or not, as described here, I would swap over the Y cables and check if the motor works correctly then and the other Y motor makes the problem then. I know they’re of different length, hopefully you can put the controller somewhere to allow this. If that is not possible, I would simply order a replacement cable.

General Support Links regarding cabling and motors

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Thanks so much, very concise help.
I think I have localised it to the Y2 port on controller. Late now but will test with multimeter in the morning and hopefully will get it sorted.
Thanks again for prompt and helpful advice. will keep you updated

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Thanks Alph5u, i stripped the controller down and cleaned all contacts as suggested, also tested the wires and got a consistent reading. When replacing the controller I moved it to an easier location with less taught wiring. It initially gave me some problems but was able to get everything working as it should. So thanks again for the advice.
PS I also received a mail from support which gave me the similar advice.
Keep on Cutting!!

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