Y axis moving different directions

I posted this earlier in the Firmware forum I was told this was not a firmware issue.

Problem: Sometimes the Y axis moves in different directions. The right Y-axis rail moves forward. The left Y-axis moves towards the back.
I was told this was a maintenance issue and to perform routine maintenance.

This is what I have done

  1. Removed Axis Rail
  2. DIsconnected both Y-axis wires from both the controller and the Rail.
  3. I have cleaned the rail for both Y-axis rails.
  4. Removed the Ball screw on both rails.
  5. Cleaned and wiped down the wipers on both rails.
  6. Oiled with 3n1 oil on both rails and ball screw wells.
  7. Tigthend both white end caps on each screw (Unknown name)
  8. Removed the right Y-axis from the benchtop.
  9. reinstalled X-Axis and resquared. Y-Axis front and back
  10. Homes the machine.

This corrected the problem for about 5 mins. using the joystick I was able to move the spindle back and forth and left to right. At slow speed, this works ok. at high speed. Y(Yellow button) the Y-Axis bind up. when I switch to mid-speed (Red Button) the Y-Axis moves in opposite directions.

I have had my machine for about a year. I have never had this issue.
recent changes.

Added spindle. (Not sure how this could be an issue)
Firmware 1.3.1 alpha (Was told this was a 100% maintenance issue.)
Remounted system on the bench top with mobile base.

What am I missing?
Thank you in advance for your help.

Was told is wasn’t a firmware issue :stuck_out_tongue: but you left out a key point: moves opposite direction that it’s told.

Answer here:

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So I have a brand new machine and have this exact problem. left/right Y rails trying to go opposite directions. Your link says “hung, stuck, or out of alignment” and not y rails going different directions. Are you saying with a brand new machine I will have to tear apart the rails? I setup my x-50 almost 2 weeks ago and have done less than 10 small learning jobs. So it isn’t dirty. Thanks

Did you figure out your exact issue and get it resolved?

Hey Mark,

Why don’t you simply click and read the link you are provided by the manufacturer? Then you would have read:

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I have gone through it all and I still have the problem.

Hey Mark,

if you checked all points with no success, then I would write an e-mail to support@onefinitycnc.com.


Hey Mark,

Did you already do this?

Thank you everyone for the help. I have fixed the opposite direction issue.

  1. Replaced both cables going to Y-Axis rails
  2. Removed X-Axis
  3. Remounted both Y rails (Made sure they were square.
  4. Performed full cleaning maintenance. Flowed the link above
  5. Remounted the X-Axis

This has fixed the moving in the opposite directions.
I continue to work on other issues but this did fix the Y axis issue I was experiencing