CNC software help/possible errors

Hello everyone i am new to CNC’ing and have seem to be running into problems with having inconsistent cuts and other issues with my current project I’m doing. I currently use Easel and the problems I am having are cuts not coming out as expected/consistent and random parts of cuts being ramped while others are straight cuts on edges as I would like. As well as dimensions not being as they are within the software itself.

For example I am cutting out a oval-ish frame that is supposed to be 2 inches wide all around however one side of the circle is the said 2” while the other half is about a quarter inch thinner and has a ramping cut on it. Along with this I’m having some other issues on other cuts within the same project that share the same inconsistencies.

If anyone can help shed some insight or willing to look at my gcodes and see if there is anything i can fix it would be greatly appreciated