Above axis limit

Getting an ERROR code that says “The current tool path file would move 4.6mm above axis limit with the current offset” just got my journeyman put together - tried changing the 3 z screw positions - I have not loaded any tool paths yet - so yeah an one have any ideas - TY

If this is when you first fire it up, it’s likely still got the OneFinity test file loaded. Ignore the warning and load up a simple file that just traces out a square or something. Zero X/Y/Z. Then you can start looking for problems. Until you’ve homed the machine, zeroed all of the axiis and loaded a good file setup for where you’re zeroing (material top or spoilboard) you can’t rely on any of the errors being flagged.

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ty I will try and let you know

Hi everybody I’m having the same issue can somebody Point me in the right direction I’ve cut many stuff on this journeyman already and now I’m getting this weird error message. Everything is it out machine is running great about midway during the carve it will stop and throw this error.
“Current tour path file would move 3.81 mm above access limit with the current offset”