Z Axis limits issue

I’m trying to do my first cut with my Onefinity, I made a couple super basic shapes in Easel, a circle, square, and triangle. They’re all shallow cuts, between 2mm and 3mm. I’m trying to cut a 5mm piece of thin plywood.

I export the G Code onto a USB stick and plug that into my Onefinity. I keep getting this error: “Caution: The current tool path file would move 3.81mm above axis limit with the current offset.”

I always zero my machine, then I jog the Z axis down to the work area. I’m VERY far from my Z axis height limit when cutting on a 5mm piece of plywood, so I don’t understand why my gcode would be sending a command that takes me above the max?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

You should Home the machine and then Zero it to the work piece the same as your model is setup (lower left corner, center). If using a Touch Probe this is pretty easy on the Corner but if centered you need to eyeball the bit to the center and manually Zero (on controller) this location. Then Zero Z with probe or piece of paper method.
Hope this helps

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Hi Ron, I believe this is exactly what I’m doing. I always home the machine when I start, and then I jog the machine down until the bit is centered to the material. I still get the same error. No matter how high up or down I jog the Z, I still get the warning that I’m 3.81mm above limit on the file.

Hi Brandon,

After moving the bit to the Z zero position are you clicking on the offset button to set the z position to 0?

No! That is probably it! So that button tells the machine “This is the zero of my surface”?

Do I do that with X and Y as well?

please watch these:

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Yes you would do that for X & Y as well to set the work zero positions.

You could also read this in the FAQ section Help! My Toolpath says 'Under' or 'Over"! (A FAQ on why)

it is a great write up.

Thanks so much! Appreciate the help.

Thank you, I’ll watch these later. =)

Hi everybody I’m actually getting the same error message did you fix the issue? Any help would be appreciated