Error Code Help

I just got my Journeyman and I am having issues getting started. I was able to carve the onefinity test cut so I believe the issue I am having is with understanding how to set up a cut. I downloaded the test file from the forum ( test cut no ) and tried to run it getting the error in the attached photo.
What steps to set up the test cut am I missing or doing wrong?

It appears that your soft limit for max travel somehow is set to “0 mm” . any larger than this creates an error.

Hi Paul - did you zero the Z axis before running the gcode? Based on the error, it seems your gcode is instructing your machine to base the max limits - it’s not clear if that is too far down or too far up. Posting the gcode or CAM files might debug more.

Hope this helps.


I did not zero the Z as I just wanted to test the program. I tried running the program again and zero’d the Z axis before hand and the program ran without errors.
Thanks for your help!


Thanks for the reply! I will need to do some reading and learning about the soft limits.