Controller randomly turning off

Any ideas what could cause random reboots of the controller? It was running fine and I managed to complete a couple small wasteboard files to make my first wasteboard. It’s been running a couple hours. Actual machining time has only been about 30 minutes. I had the controller and router both plugged into a surge protector and the router kept running, despite the controller powering off and back on after a few seconds. I thought that maybe the power strip outlet was bad so I plugged the controller directly into the wall outlet, but that wasn’t the problem since it still rebooted.

Is it possible the touch probe is making contact and tripping up the system? I had it plugged in to the controller, but obviously not still connected to the collet. But the magnet was stuck to the screws on the controller housing. I moved the touch probe away from the controller and ran another job - it was running okay for a few minutes but I had to cancel the job because it was taking too aggressive cuts and it was time for dinner anyway… LOL


I had a similar issue and emailed support. They sent me a video instructing how to verify a power wire inside the controller that fixed the issue for me. I would email support and ask for the video.


Thanks Rich - I will reach out to them.

I had a great first carve and my controller won’t even come on. I have checked all power sources from the surge protector to the breaker box. This is extremely disappointing

My controller shut off after carving a plaque today. It will not come back on. There must be some problem inside that little black box. Only had my Onefinity for less than a month.

There is something going on here. My controller died Jan 2. Came in and it would not power on. Went through a flash procedure that support directed, but still no power. Fortunately a replacement is being sent out. I can only hope this is not going to become routine. I can say support is great, but shipping time cuts into production time. Not my first problem in less than 3 weeks.

I’m not surprised with issues or bugs like this one; all good innovations have bumps in the road. I was surprised with how quickly Onefinity responded to my email (Sunday evening) and got me a new one that arrived today. I haven’t tested it yet, but I’m certain it will work, and if not they’ll be there.

Hats off to the Onefinity service team!

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Are there any best practices for turning the Controller Box on and off?

  1. Turn off daily if not using
  2. Turn off weekly if not using
  3. Leave on always
  4. Turn off monthly

Just wondering about long term life of motor and board.

It’s a computer, so whatever you feel is right for a computer.

OK Thanks for getting back with me.

I know this is a late reply - Personally, if I don’t need the controller to remember my probe coordinates, I turn off the machine when I’m done for the day. The fan inside the controller box sucks air through the case, and I don’t need it constantly sucking dust inside if I can avoid it. But I don’t use my machine daily, so I’m not cycling the power on/off on a regular basis.

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I’m like you. Use my machine sporadically. I think I’ll just keep on turning it off when I’m finished for the day. I did build a housing box (vented) for the controller. To keep dust down.