Controller randomly shutting down

I am experiencing a problem that just started today: my controller is randomly shutting down. Either in the middle of a job, or just sitting there idle - it just shuts down.

Anyone else seeing this? Is there a path to update the software manually?

Update - it does not always shut down: sometimes the web interface just disconnects and reconnects. Still disconcerting as I am worried the job will be killed and have to be scrapped again.

I have had mine start doing that today or it just gets confused and locks up. Had to do a rest of the controller 3 times today for one job… Shut down for the day will start again tomorrow and see if it continues.

If you disconnect the internet and use a usb drive to upload your files does correct the problem?

Make sure you expand the pi file system storage.

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I contacted Support and they are shipping me a new controller. Now THAT is customer service! Not happy about it breaking, but they took care of it right away - I can’t ask for more. Regarding expanding the file system: I have done that on other RPi’s I have worked on but thought it was already done for this one. I will double-check the new one when it comes in.

Thanks for all the comments!

Did anyone find a solution my touch screen is flashing on and off during cuts and sometimes unhoming while cutting and then stopping after it flashes off seem like a connection problem to me

The rpi will stop sending video when under heavy load. If you are not doing a lot of moves and quick speeds and feeds I would bet it is a connection issue. Do you have the dedicated power supply plugged in for it?

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It was happening during a cut out with my 1/4 upcut bit I heard no sign of heavy load no bogging from the router it flickered the screen a couple times and then killed the program it did restart my system just unhomed and stopped after the screen flickered my power supply isn’t dedicated to the OF I’d have to run a whole line from my breaker box. This has also happened durning minor things.

Has happened to me too 2 out of the 4 cuts I’ve made

We suggest updating to the latest firmware. It should solve your issues: 1.0.7 BETA (3/11/2021) (Latest Release) - #11 by Britney

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OF Team… Thanks for all the hard work. I updated to beta 1.0.7 early this morning. From a few reviews I have read, things are sounding good. I am running some big cuts this weekend and will update when possible. Thank you for having amazing customer support and an awesome product that continues to grow.


It still made my screen flicker after the update on cuts. I’m not sure but it’s seems when saw dust is getting kicked at the back of the controller (because the mount is attached to the machine) it shuts it off I held it in my hand away from the dust and it didn’t shut it off.

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I placed my controller inside my cabinet and it slides out so I may reach all the wiring if needed. The rear of my cabinet has a 3” x 24” opening for cables, electrical, wifi extender, and air flow. Even with all that, my touch screen was flickering and tool path went off on an expensive piece I was cutting. Luckily, I was able to save it.

Seems like we’re beta testing. Yeah when your cutting a project that in material alone is $130 that could ruin all profit. They recommend to ground the machine because of static electricity I don’t think the controller saves any data like the home i think it’s just a screen so maybe what I said about the dust wouldn’t make sense I guess if ground is the only way to make the machine properly they should include the grounding wires or whatever the process is.

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Did the replacement controller fix the issue? Seems I am having the same problem here.