Screen flickers when 1F runs

Hi all,

So the touchscreen that was provided with the 1F flickers, but only when the machine is moving. It constantly switches between showing the control screen and a full black screen, both with a duration of ± 1 second.

I checked the cables, and they’re all snuck in their sockets.

Is this normal? If not - what would be the solution?


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The raspberry pi inside is a 3. it’s an older technology that Buildbotics based their controller on (which is what we based our controller off of). During very high load, the cpu can become overwhelmed and stop displaying video. It should catch back up and display signal in a few moments. This is normal and a limitation of the cpu. We are combing through millions of lines of code to continue to optimize it and improve the load, with the expectation to negate the ‘flicker’ in the future via a firmware update.

Dennis, can you include video of your screen doing the flickering to your email to support? Constant flickering isn’t normal. Occasional can be depending on cpu load and complex/aggressive cuts.

Sure, I’ll take a video of it.

FYI: it flickers when jogging, as well as when the spindle is just spinning. I haven’t run any jobs yet, so I’d exclude the idea of overwhelmed by code. (2.9 MB) My screen will not stop flickering. It was working two days ago, but today just started and won’t stop. Using the same cables it looks fine when displaying my Mac. I’ve used different hdmi and usb cables. Here is a zipped video of it.

Hey Dennis, I was just curious if you figured out the screen flicker? I had the same issue, but my tool path went off when it happened making me think it was in the control box. Since there wasn’t any followup to your msg, I was interested how or if it still happens

Hi Britney!
I contacted Onefinity to resolve the matter. They provided fast and adequate tech support. In my case, the touchscreen flickered, but a regular monitor wouldn’t. Hence I concluded it would be faster and easier to have 1F refund the screen and let me buy a regular PC monitor, rather than having a replacement touchscreen sent to Europe.

Given that I am to move to a new house in the next weeks, I haven’t finished building up my 1F. So I don’t know if there are issues with tool paths going off. However, for what I read, the adjustment of rapids (already in 1.0.6) should be helpful there.



Thank you for the followup. Sorry for the slow reply. Lots going on as of late. The OF is so easy and quick to setup as long as you have a table to put it on…lol. Love working with it minus this dang glitch. I may try a monitor, but have been trying to work through with my laptop. Has been fairly easy with file transfer and all. I am a newbie as for working with a CNC, but I have picked up on it pretty quickly. I am looking forward to the new update. Not ready to beta test just yet.

Good luck with the move and get ready to make some dust. Thank you again.

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