Screen freeze - Practically cannot use the machine

I have my 1F since about a year and have not used it much because time constraints. Everything was fine in the beginning. Then the screen (7" display) started freezing up. The only remedy was to restart the controller. It was occurring occasionally and after the machine has been idle for some time. Over time, I started seeing it more frequently and with shorter idle time. Yesterday I turned it on after, may be a couple of months. And now, it freezes within minutes to the point I cannot do anything.
It is not connected to wifi.

Thanks for any and all help and guidance.

Hi @krem,

Sounds like it’s the controller that’s locking up, and the actual monitor is just displaying the signal its being fed if truly the only resolution is to restart the controller. Monitors themselves normally don’t lock up. But if that were the case, just restarting the monitor should put it back in action. Very important to correctly identify the source of the issue (controller or monitor).

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@Machinist Thanks for the hint. Here is what I did after reading your advice:
Turned on the display
Turned on the controller
Homing message came up and I did home the machine
Turned on game pad
Using game pad I lowered the bit (wanted to probe Z)
Touched Probe Z on the display but the display had already frozen
Game pad still worked
Turned off the display by pressing the power button on the display
Waited a few seconds and turned the display on
Display was still frozen
Turned off display and unplugged power cord
Waited a few seconds and connected the display power cord back
Display was still frozen
Game page still worked

Any further test that I should perform to diagnose the problem?

Good diagnostic actions there, @krem. Since the Z probe still worked, it would lead one to believe that the controller itself was still operational. Makes me wonder if there’s an issue with the video output on the RPI computer in the controller. I would contact @OnefinityCNC via. email (even if your machine happens to be out of warranty), they may have seen this issue before and have an idea of what to do.
Have you updated the controller firmware to the latest version?

Thanks @Machinist. I will contact OneFinity support. No, I have not updated firmware. It is still the same as when I received it.

Update the firmware to 1.0.9.

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I could not update the firmware because screen was freezing within a minute.
I connected my laptop using an ethernet cable and then I was able to upgrade the firmware to 1.0.9.
After the update and 7" display power reset, the problem is gone. At least for 5-7 minutes that I had I could use the 7" display without any issues.

Thanks everyone for guidance.

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Today I turned machine on and after about 15 minutes, left the machine idle/ untouched for two hours. After 2 hours I found out that the display was frozen. I will test it further to check if it freezes after one hour of idle time.

When the screen freezes does it also freeze up on a network connected device? I had an first time odd occurrence today that I figured wasn’t possible where the display connected to the controller via hdmi reported “Disconnected” while my PC running Fusion in the other room was fine and the Onefinity continued to run the remainder of the file.

No. The laptop didn’t freeze. I connected my laptop using ethernet cable and it was this laptop that allowed me to update firmware. By the way, I didn’t get the “Disconnected” message ever. The screen just used to become totally non-responsive.
After the firmware update, it still freezes but not so quickly. Today I worked for about half an hour and then left it idle for about 15-20 minutes and it froze again. I now fear it may start freezing more quickly like before.
I am hoping OneFinity will provide me a solution for this screen freezing problem.

My screen does the same thing it freezes doesn’t even show that the machine is running cuz I’m able to run it off my phone or laptop via Wi-Fi I pray that one infinity or someone answers to the solution so we could find the answer thank you no volatility