Touch screen is frozen

I received my OneFinity today. Everything seems working, but the 10.5" touch screen does not respond to my finger, it is frozen. Do I need a mouse for the first setup, or is anything I need to do to unfreeze it?

Try turning on your controller first wait a min. then power up your monitor .

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Thank you David. I’ll try that right now.

Check your USB cables are in the correct ports.

Thank you AndyP. Dustydave advises worked.

Oh dear - Onefinity working fine then today, the screen ceases to respond to touch. I have tried all the “magic” recipes above (switch off, wait, then switch the screen on), but the “Touch” aspect of the screen no longer works. I can use a mouse and access from another pc/laptop, but the screen doesn’t respond to touch.

Any other magic recipes?

you can use a mouse, just plug it into the usb on the back of the controller. what size screen do you have?

10 inch, the big one.

We responded to your email 5/19/23 1 minute after you emailed us. You never responded. We sent 3 follow up emails to you in the next three days and you never responded.

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