New 10 inch monitor for big fingers!

Hi everyone…
I’ve been hanging around the forum for a while keeping up with everyone’s experiences with the Onefinity. I hit the ground running when I got my machine and I haven’t stopped.

All I can say is the OF is a beast of a machine and I couldn’t be happier. I just got the 10" screen today, hooked it up, and it instantly solved the “big” fingers" and “poor eyesight” issues.


I will have my Onefinity up and running tomorrow and also received the new 10” monitor and I love the kickstand on the back. While I have yet to power everything up, I couldn’t agree more, it is a beast!

I just got the large monitor and the 640 x480 resolution seems wrong as I have to scroll to see the full contents of the screen. Also my touch screen is not responsive as there is a cursor on the screen as if there were a mouse connected. I checked the setting and cannot modify the resolution. Not very impressed. You can see the cursor on the far right in the screen above.

Not sure on the resolution but swap your 2 USB C cables you have plugged into the monitor. My was the same way but once I just swapped the plug-ins, the touch screen worked perfect. As mentioned not sure on the resolution as I also have to scroll to see everything.

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Mine was the same way. Switched the USB cables and everything worked as I thought it should. No issues since

Thx the cable swap solved the problem.

Hey guys

Just so you know… when you get the monitor… the USBC+ goes to the power plug… and the USBC goes to the controller…

What about the wires on the opposite side?