Confirmed Aftermarket Screens/Monitors that work with the Onefinity

These are USER confirmed aftermarket monitors that work with the Onefinity CNC (if you choose not to use the one’s we sell):

15 inch size:

Less than 15 inches:

Over 15 inches:

If you have tried a different one that’s no on the list, please add it to the comments and we will add them.


ASUS VT229H 21.5" Monitor 1080P IPS 10-Point Touch Eye Care with HDMI VGA, Black


I’m using a 24” Dell P2314TT monitor. Worked out of the box, no drivers or config needed.


ASUS VT229H 21.5" LCD Touchscreen Monitor - 16:9 - 5 ms GTG

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It’s 15.6" and the touch screen works.

I have this one and it works totally fine.

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Corkea 13.3 -

Viewsonic TD1655

Question: do you even need a touchscreen or can we use a laptop (with touchscreen capability) to connect to the CNC?

We are thinking we could use a laptop for creating the designs and then directly plug it in to the CNC. If we do this, I don’t see the need for an additional touchscreen, correct?

Technically you can after it is configured on your network. You can use a mouse, keyboard, standard monitor or TV with hdmi for that config. You then are accessing it via the we page on your laptop. Honestly I would want a touchscreen as it makes any troubleshooting easier.

I used the credit to buy a 21" smart tv ($120) and wireless keyboard and mouse combo ($21). Works like a charm, plus I can stream movies or music to it. It also connects to my home’s Alexa setup.

Do you have a link to that one?

Its just a 21" Visio from Walmart.

I purchased the ASUS 15 inch screen and stand. It was easy to install and came up without a hitch.
My fingers tremble and my eyesight is not the best but this new monitor solves all my problems. I couldn’t be happier


Can you evaluate this one. I’d like to buy it.

Not sure why ANY quality touch screen monitor would not work as long as it has USB, HDMI. Has anyone in the forum tried one that DIDN’T work? Seems like several options out there, everyone is out of the Asus VT 229H 21" .

You can also use any tablet if you connect via WiFi.

Thanks Paul and you’re right but I prefer hard wire in the shop and my eyes prefer a large screen. LOL - I have a 22" touch screen coming…

I like your plexi setup. Good block from getting chips on the brain box