7" Controller vs Larger Touch Screen Monitor

Please forgive me if this is not the proper place for this question.

I love this machine but am concerned that my eyes and bifocals will not like the smaller 7" controller. Would it be possible to swap a larger touchscreen PC monitor in its place and get the same results? Maybe on a pedestal mount or even an articulating stand type of mount?


Hi Grant - Charlie (@charleyntexas) added a very large touch monitor to his. There was a thread about it: Screen Size To Small for My Old Eyes

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Awesome, thanks for the info.

Yep, the screen is just a 7 hdmi screen, you can plug in any screen you wish as long as it has an hdmi input. (if your wanting touch ability you’ll need to buy one with a touch screen had usb input.)

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You can also use a VGA monitor with adaptor.

I tried a Planar PT19 touchscreen monitor. They are fantastic monitors. Screen worked fine but no touch. Maybe it won’t work on the Raspberry Pi, or maybe needs drivers installed. Hope I can get it figured out. That 7” screen is way too small for my eyes and my fingers.

VGA is output only - touch will only work over HDMI.

I was trying touchscreen by USB.

From my experience with this, the touch screen capabilities of a “PC Monitor” will not work correctly with a raspberry pie. It does sorta work but it is nothing close to reliable. I searched the raspberry pie forums and all I found were answers that said it will not work. The raspberry pie will only output the video but not accept the input even though you are using a hdmi and usb connection to it. So sad but apparently true. I just use a usb mouse and keyboard which work perfectly.

If anyone figures it out I would love to hear how they did it.


So you have a bigger touchscreen monitor but your touch ability doesn’t work? Also you mentioned that you use a usb mouse and keyboard. I tried my wireless keyboard I used to use for my shapeoko and it takes over and renders the game controller to jog the machine useless. I assume the raspberry pie doesn’t like 2 wireless usb dongles connected at the same time.

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Not on my machine. I have both a wireless keyboard with a mouse and the game controller connected They all work just fine. The only thing I lost when I hooked up the Touch Screen monitor was touch screen capabilities.

Hmmmmm. Mind sharing which wireless keyboard & mouse you’re currently using that works? I’ll have to give it a try again tomorrow.

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@Stewie21 This keyboard works perfectly with the OneFinity Controller including the Game Controller. I use all of it daily

Here is a skin for it to keep out any debris


Charley, I have to thank you for spending my money…LOL Yesterday at lunch I was perusing our local FB Marketplace and happened across a 27" LG monitor NIB for $60. I plan to add this to my build when my machine gets delivered in January. HAHA, no OnefinityCNC machine yet and already accumulating items to add to it.


You will need to add a keyboard and mouse if you go with a PC monitor because you won’t have a touch screen any more. I am using a touch screen monitor but the touch screen functionality does not work with the raspberry pie which is what the OneFinity controller is built on. The keyboard I use has a built in mouse pad which works great. I also use the OneFinity game controller for jogging around. No problems with the Monitor - Keyboard/Mouse - Game Controller combinations.

Here is the link again for the keyboard I use:

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I already have a wireless keyboard with built-in mouse pad that I use on my current CNC and I love it. Thanks for your write up and information that you share.

Why do you need keyboard couldn’t u use mouse , I’m doing that now with 7"

Yes, just a mouse would work. My problem isn’t with my fingers though, it is my eyes and I find it difficult to read the small monitor. So I got a regular size monitor and I already had the keyboard / touchpad combo.


I tried my 19” Planar, and unfortunately it doesn’t work. The monitor portion works fine, but not the touchscreen. I was really counting on this, as the 7” isn’t useful to me at all. So I am stuck dedicating a computer to the CNC. I hope Onefinity expands touchscreen monitor support in the future!

Almost any modern day touch screen should work via USB to get touch.

Planar makes very common touch screen monitors, but they don’t seem to work.