Customizable Machine Ordering FAQ

*Yesterday we changed ordering on our website. We now give the option of buying with or without a controller and with or without a 7" or 10.8" touchscreen.
If you’ve already placed an order and want to change it, we ask that you send that inquiry to
As you can guess, we’ve been inundated with emails, messages and phone calls. We’re a small staff and we’re a bit overwhelmed with the requests.
If you have any questions about this process, please post them in the comments below this post and we’ll try to answer them so everyone can learn from them. Also, if you’ve emailed in to you will get a response…but, like we stated in the email blast, it could be a few weeks before you receive one (but before your machine is scheduled to ship). We will take care of you, however, for this specific situation, it may not be as fast as normal.
If you’re trying to contact us about these changes, please only use If you call, message or use our other emails (or even contact us with multiple emails to each address) it makes it harder and take longer to respond.

Here’s some answers to commonly asked questions:
Ordering without a controller or without a screen or any combination will NOT speed up your delivery. You will still be put in the same queue as normal.
2. Controller means the brains of the machine NOT to be confused with the optionally accessory, the joypad.
3. If you would like to upgrade to the larger touch screen, you can upgrade it by going to the link below. When you place your order for the larger touch screen, please make sure to include your original machine order number as a “Note to seller” so that we ensure that you receive your preferred touchscreen.

4. If you’re wanting to use a different screen than what we sell, the only requirements is that it has an hdmi input. please check out of forum for more info on community used screens: 7" Controller vs Larger Touch Screen Monitor
5. If you choose to purchase a machine without a controller, you will still get the full setup of motors and wires and rails. The only thing missing will be the controller itself.
6. If you choose to purchase a machine without the monitor, you will also not receive the hdmi and usb c cables that power the monitor and you will not receive the monitor mount.


Thanks for this information.
I was excited that I might get a chance to upgrade my display to the larger 10.8” for my order, but when I clicked on the link I saw that you don’t expect to receive the 10.8” displays until the end of March.
My order is supposed to be shipping next week.

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