OneFinity customer service is A+

I contacted Onefinity this morning (Sunday) about my order that is scheduled for shipment at the beginning of April. I plan on upgrading to a larger touchscreen and knew of the backorder issue with the screen that comes with machine. I asked them if i could get a refund for the touchscreen and within an hour I had received a response with a refund. On a Sunday. In todays world it is very nice to see a company that still knows the value of good customer service.


Awesome, and kudos! Wish I could have dropped the touch screen, it sits unused. :sweat_smile:


Will any touchscreen work? I have an asus monitor I would rather use.

How much was the refund?

I haven’t tested, but pretty much any one, which outputs touch via USB should work. The software is simply running in a web browser, and taking mouse clicks (touch points).

In addition, you can connect remotely (via IP address or http://onefinity.local) from the touchscreen connected to anything (pc, mac, sbc, etc.), and not need to be connected to the controller directly.

I am getting the ASUS VT229H. They also have a 15.6 inch I believe. I am not sure which other touchscreens work.

For some reason I am getting a message that my reply must be at least 20 characters. The refund was $80

Yes, 20 characters or more… forum policies. So 80.00, okay… good to know. Thanks!


What makes Onefinity stand out above the rest is not only a product that is superior to others in its class, but its their commitment to quality and service. Repeatedly we hear how Onefinity replies to concerns or inquiries at all times of the day (and night) outside of regular business hours.
Mark and team - you guys are outstanding and you’re rockin’ it out!!