Can someone tell me is this screen works for my New Onefinity?

UPERFECT Portable Monitor Freestanding Touchscreen, 15.6’’ FHD 1080P IPS Screen with Adjust Kickstand, 2000:1 Contrast Ratio, 100% sRGB w/Standard HDMI/USB 3.0/Type C, Built-in Speaker/Ambient Light

Not sure whether it would work or not especially as it states USB3.0. I think the Onefinity needsa USB 2.0 connection.

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It seems to me that onefinity,with all this interest in larger monitors would offer one in the 15/22” range for all those interested. I for one am looking for a larger monitor do to my age problems. That being said I will not be adding a display to my order. Lost profit for onefinity as an old business man sees it…

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It’s probably not worth it for them to stock more monitors since you can pretty much buy any computer monitor that takes HDMI input and use it with the onefinity. I bought a 20" monitor off Amazon for $129 and it works perfect. But since onefinity already has 2 different size monitors it’s probably easier for them to leave it up to the consumer to choose whatever kind/size they want if they want a different size. It would just take up more space and inventory if they stocked even more displays that people may not even buy. And plus it’s probably just cheaper to buy one somewhere else and you could get it much faster too.