Can someone help me and tell me if this screen will work with Onefinity? The ones on the list are either out of stock or takes for ever to arrive

SideTrak Solo Portable Monitor 15.8” FHD 1080P LED Anti-Glare IPS Screen | Works with Mac, PC, Chrome, PS4, Xbox, & Switch | Powered by USB or Mini HDMI | Built-in DisplayPort, Speakers, & HDR Mode

This is the one I had bought and it is from Best Buy.


Results for: ViewSonic 15.6" 1080p HD 6.5 ms GTG IPS LED Monitor - (TD1655) | Best Buy Canada

So it should work. You will just have to get a mini HDMI to HDMI adapter since that display takes mini HDMI and the onefinity controller uses HDMI. Also, I would power it with a USB power adapter instead of plugging it into the onefinity controller for power. I think it would just be better that way. But short answer yes should work. I just use a 22 inch computer display for mine. But you can use any display that takes HDMI input and can be powered on before the controller is turned on. See this post from onefinity: What screens can I use with the Onefinity CNC

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